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To invest in Santa Catarina, with greater security and full access to reliable subsidies, the first step is to contact InvesteSC.

InvesteSC is an initiative of the Santa Catarina State Government, in partnership with the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina, and aims to act as a facilitator in the process of attracting investments.
Through InvestSC, the investor has all information required available, centrally and ordered by themes, for getting set up in Santa Catarina.

InvesteSC works to:

  • Help investors in the analysis of viability, in the decision to invest, establish and maintain business.
  • Facilitate investments through concentration of services in one single place (one-stop-shop).
  • Investment Generation: identify sectors, potential investors and create bank of opportunities for investments.
  • Monitor the business formalization stages.
  • Coordinate and execute commercial missions, fairs, roadshows and business meetings.
  • Supply analysis of social and economic studies, technological trends, research and development for industrial sectors in the regions of the state, identifying missing links and technological resources needed to make strategic sectors more competitive.
  • Provide strategic information related to the industrial sector for decision making in the public and private sectors.
  • Propose new studies and personalized research, which contribute to the development of Santa Catarina.
  • Create and maintain mechanisms that provide information for the investor, especially online, contributing to the capture of new investments.
  • Support the institutional relationship with public administration and private initiative.
  • Articulate with financing sources for investments.
  • Articulate relations with the academic realm and research centers.
  • Identify legal, financial, estate advisories and other service suppliers to companies.
  • Engage companies and local business associations in order to support activities that attract business (supply chains).

Large companies recommend: Invest in Santa Catarina - Brazil

The new companies established in Santa Catarina


    Berneck is a company with over half a century of history. It is a national benchmark in MDP, MDF, and HDF panels, as well as Pine and Teak Lumber. Berneck has operated in Santa Catarina since 2012 and plans to install a new plant.

    "I, Gilson Berneck, President of the Berneck Group, recommend: Come, invest in Santa Catarina."


    Tractor manufacturers who have spent two years on Brazilian soil. It is an example of the state's potential to attract new businesses. The company is part of the LS Group - the 13th largest business group in South Korea, with annual sales of over US$ 30 billion and more than 21,000 employees worldwide. ?

    "I, James Yoo, President of LS Mtron Brazil, recommend: Invest in Santa Catarina."
  • BMW capa


    An example of the success in attracting investment. Automotive company, known worldwide, chooses Santa Catarina as the location of its first factory in Brazil.